Deciding Whether To Have Roof Repair Or Replacement

//Deciding Whether To Have Roof Repair Or Replacement

Deciding Whether To Have Roof Repair Or Replacement

Deciding Whether To Have Roof Repair Or Replacement

Owning a property comes with a great responsibility. Apart from paying taxes and fees, you should also be able to spot necessary repairs or replacement, especially when dealing with your roof. Here in Massachusetts, one of the commonly encountered questions by roofing companies concerns the proper time for roof replacement. There are many property owners, business owners and homeowners alike, that are confused whether to have roof replacement or roof repair.

When choosing between roof replacement or roof repair, most property owners of Massachusetts would ask the help of a reputable roofing company in the area, especially South Shore Roofing. As one of the top roofing contractors in Pembroke, MA, this roofing company has managed to serve and advised various property owners concerning roof replacement and roof repair. And together with other roofing companies, here are the collective tips on deciding whether to have a roof repair or roof replacement.


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Warning Signs For Roofing Problems

Before you decide whether to go for a roof replacement or roof repair, you should first learn to identify the presence of roofing problems. To recognize them, you should always be on the lookout, for some of these roofing issues are not immediately visible to the naked eye. In such a case, roof inspection will be required, especially if your roofing system has been recently exposed to weather extremes or it is just simply getting old.

When checking your roof, some of the tell-tale sign includes discoloration and the presence of water spots. Aside from that, you may also observe some granules on your gutter system, or even notice recurring leaks coming from the ceiling or attic. If you are able to find some of the said issues, there might be a great chance that a roof repair or even a roof replacement is needed to resolve the said issues.

Factors to Consider for Roof Replacement

In order to help you decide, whether you need roof replacement and not just a simple repair, you need to be able to take into account specific factors. Some of the said factors involve the following:

A reputable roofing company, before suggesting the replacement of your roof, will surely check first its age. Most residential properties make use of asphalt shingles as their roofing material, and such has an expected lifespan of 20 to 30 years. However, other factors may also be needed to determine whether replacement is needed, for apart from that age itself, you should also consider the installation process, whether it was properly installed or not. For such factor also affects the functionality, efficiency, and usable lifespan of your roof.

Extensive Weathering

Another consideration to take is the extensive weathering of your roofing material. This may include curling and buckling of the roof shingles. Some of the roofing companies will only suggest replacing the portion of the roof that is being affected by weathering. However, if the whole roof is exhibiting signs of extensive weathering and deterioration, it would be normal for roofing companies to suggest complete roof replacement instead of the partial one.

Crack or Missing Shingles
Similar to the aforementioned factor, another consideration is whether you have cracked or missing roof shingles. In such a case, it is but logical to replace the missing ones, for repair would be useless, especially that the components are not anymore around. Some of the major causes for missing or cracked shingles are strong wind and excessive snowfall.

Attic Damage
Apart from the exterior aspect of the roofing system, one of the considerations would be the interior condition of your roofing. When the support or decking on your attic is beyond repair, then a roof replacement would be suggested by a reasonable roofing contractor. Having it repaired will only delay the inevitable collapse of the roofing system. Hence, it would be ideal to have the components replaced and have a new roofing material installed.

When it comes to choosing between a roof replacement or roof repair, it is a must that you should consult experts before deciding or purchasing any roofing materials. Although a DIY repair is cheaper, there is no guarantee of its efficiency and reliability. You might be able to repair the roofing issue for now, but there is no assurance that it will not return again, especially during weather extremes. In some cases, replacement is also being resorted to by property owners, not just for safety, but also for an upgrade. They rather choose to have new roofing materials on their property to increase aesthetic appeal and value.

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